Google streetview to change the world

Much like google earth and maps have improved our lives, Google Streetview, once it expands to the extent google earth has, will change the way we plan and track down hotels, stadiums, houses and streets. If you love google earth and enjoy wasting your time roaming the earth in search of interesting / random stuff, … Read moreGoogle streetview to change the world

Google – This May Harm Your Computer

Big cock up at Google today. It’s either been hacked or all of a sudden every website has become a threat to your computer 😉 At first i thought – just me… Google don’t do problems… then i started seeing messages on twitter. Google Hacked? Google Results Borked? Here’s a screenshot i took off … Read moreGoogle – This May Harm Your Computer

Google – digg in disguise?

A while back, Google wanted to buy digg. No big surprise, we all knew why… digg’s community is a shining example of how people will work for nothing online if they get some form of ‘power’ or recognition. Google had been testing digg like search results pages and now i’ve noticed they’ve been made official … Read moreGoogle – digg in disguise?