Samsung CLP-315W Colour Laser Printer Review

colour laser printer

I don’t work for samsung, but i am start to built up quite a collection of samsung branded toys… 2 x samsung 20″ monitors, a 32″ samsung LCD TV, samsung nc10 netbook and now a samsung colour laser printer. The thing is, i don’t favour one brand over another.. i don’t deliberately go out to buy samsung, i just end up with their stuff because they usually work out as best value for money.

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ordered a wireless colour laser printer

laser printer fight

After way too much thought, i finally decided to go with the Samsung CLP-315W colour laser printer. Why did i pick it above the rest? Well, it was a close battle between it and the Dell 1320CN. In reviews and on paper, the Dell edges it ever so slightly, however i ended up buying the Samsung mainly because of price…

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Introducing the Samsung NC10

I predicted the NC10 would arrive today and was disappointed when i woke up to find nothing in the post. I’d deliberately left my phone on loud all night, expecting to be woken up at about 9am by a courier looking for directions. I got up at about 11.30am and realized i hadn’t got the … Read moreIntroducing the Samsung NC10