web tools that got me through college

college memories

When i first started college, i didn’t have a twitter account and i’m not even sure i had a facebook account. Definitely didn’t have a LinkedIn account. Was college responsible for sparking my interest in social media? Absolutely not. It hasn’t been on any curriculum in my 48 modules and 4 years of college classes…

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when photoshop resources go missing

photoshop resources

Yesterday, all of my styles, shapes and patterns in photoshop decided to reset themselves. It’s not the first time that’s happened either. This time i knew exactly what caused it. I dragged patterns i had just downloaded in to the pattern manager. Poof. Everything gone just like that. I don’t know if you’re *supposed* to drag and drop resources in like that or use the in built ‘load’ button, but for some reason, this caused my resources to disappear…

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21 cool webmaster resources

Over the past few days and weeks i’ve built up a huge army of cool webmaster related links. Here’s 21 of my favourite… 1. Kuler – http://kuler.adobe.com/ Kuler is without doubt one of the best palette / colour tools you can have… i’ve yet to really use it, but you can see for yourself the … Read more21 cool webmaster resources