Social Networking is Broken

social networking

I never thought i’d say it but i’m getting a little bored of social media. Average content gets¬†over-shared, automated ‘content’ gets shared whether we like it or not and businesses are becoming predictable in their marketing efforts online… It’s a real problem for the internet as a whole. It’s losing its value as a ‘community’.

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same problems over and over…

wish you were here

Last winter, there was a salt shortage and airports were forced to close. The excuse? ‘Unprecedented’ cold weather. This winter? Exact same problems… Airports shut. Media loving it. People sleeping on floors. Passengers complaining about lack of information. It’s so predictable i could start writing the script for next winter. Swap winter with ‘radar failure’ or ‘terrorist alert’ and it’s the exact same problem… lack of communication and preparation.

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