history, privacy & facebook


If you look at all social networks & websites today, history doesn’t appear to be very important. The odd time i’ll stumble across a news article from 1995 or something but that’s about it. Wikipedia probably does the best job of summarising history and documenting it online but even in the online age (let’s say from 1995 up until present day), we do a terrible job of organising and making history available…

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iPhone tracker app for windows

iphone tracking

Over the past couple of days, there’s been a big fuss made over Apple’s ‘secret’ location tracker on the iPhone. Whilst everyone was huffing and puffing over privacy & security, i was delighted to hear it existed and was easily accessible via an app. However i was disappointed to discover the app would only run on Mac… (i sync my iPhone to my PC)…

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my two cents on facebook privacy


Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook privacy these days so i’ll give my two cents (which i know isn’t going to be popular). Personally, i think people are over reacting to it all. If you want privacy, you have to ask yourself why you’re using facebook in the first place… or any other social network for that matter…

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