Defragging Speeds up your PC

Defragging your hard drive is a good thing. The problem with windows in built defragging system is that it’s slow and ugly. photo credit: dalechumbley I said yesterday i could get vista to boot in 60 seconds. After i transferred all my music, pictures and programs back to my hard drive from an external drive, … Read moreDefragging Speeds up your PC

wireless network between two PC’s

I’ve had a go once or twice at connecting two PC’s together wirelessly. It always ended in frustration. Up until now however i’ve never really used two PC’s side by side, day in day out. So i’ve never really needed a wireless network. I used my old laptop for about 3 and a half years … Read morewireless network between two PC’s

anti-virus software extinct???

Am i the only one out there that doesn’t use any anti-virus software whatsoever? To my shock and horror, i was the ‘odd one out’ when this topic came up in college… it seems the rest use some sort of anti-virus software 🙂 photo credit: I’ve been without anti-virus software for over a year … Read moreanti-virus software extinct???