here we go again!

think outside the box

Another day, another idea. This idea isn’t new though, it first came to me 2 years ago. It’s only now that i’m beginning to realize it has massive potential. A quick search on this blog shows i’ve actually blogged about it before but it went unnoticed (at least there were no comments in relation to it). Usually with these mad ideas, i’ll believe they’ll get traffic but i won’t always believe they’ll make money. Some get traffic, more don’t. Few make any money….

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Should I Delete My Facebook?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Everyone within online media circles that is. It’s now cool to quit facebook within certain communities but as i pointed out yesterday, there’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t quit Facebook. Anyway, i’ve helped set up a site which answers this exact question… “Should i delete my facebook?”…

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