apple ipad – the netbook killer?

Today apple announced the ipad. Looking past the ridiculous hype and hysteria, it’s basically a giant iphone only without the phone functions. photo credit: nDevilTV Steve Jobs started off today’s presentation by taking a pop at netbooks saying they ‘weren’t better at anything’. So he’s implying the ipad is an ‘netbook killer’ which is way … Read moreapple ipad – the netbook killer?

pimp my netbook

It’s taken a while but my Samsung NC10 is now able to act as my XPS 420‘s little baby sister. I’m just about finished kitting it out with all my favourite software and personal touches that make my netbook mine. Here’s a screenshot of my desktop at the minute; Yip, that’s right – not an … Read morepimp my netbook

what’s in the mail?

Right now, here’s what’s on it’s way to me; Samsung NC10 Sent out on Monday, should be here Thursday/Friday this week. Still selling for €399 here in Ireland. I paid a total of €330.36 with This netbook is king of the netbook jungle at the minute thanks to it’s 6 hour+ battery life. Nothing … Read morewhat’s in the mail?