Google crashing Microsoft’s party

office -v- docs

Just today in a class we were watching a video on Bill Gates & Microsoft, up until his exit in 2008. As we all know, Microsoft do windows (operating system) & office (software) very well. Google do search & everything internety very well… earlier today Google broke enemy lines and now has an add on for microsoft office which auto syncs & backs up your files to google docs…

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microsoft and yahoo to tag team google

Today, Yahoo and Microsoft announced a partnership designed to compete with google’s search engine. Whilst they won’t say that, that’s what they’re thinking and everyone BUT microsoft and yahoo know that won’t happen. photo credit: negatendo Last year Microsoft tabled a $45 BILLION offer for yahoo which yahoo foolishly rejected. Today is basically the day … Read moremicrosoft and yahoo to tag team google

MAJOR Internet Explorer Security Alert

Don’t worry, the heading is a bit dramatic – this is just a regular IE security alert, you know, the one’s we see all the time but rarely get in to the public eye… well this one has. Apparently Internet Explorer has some sort of huge security flaw which has resulted in a security expert … Read moreMAJOR Internet Explorer Security Alert