What is SEO in 2013?

We have a problem. Everyone knows about the value of search and everyone wants to be ‘top’ for popular search terms. SEO companies and individuals will offer you services claiming to help you so i’ll tell you what SEO is in 2013 because i feel someone needs to talk some sense on it. SEO is two things: (1) good development (2) great content. Nothing else matters…

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too much impersonal content is killing facebook

Facebook 2012

This is something that’s been building up for quite some time. It’s not any one single Facebook change that has triggered me in to this ‘attack’ but it’s a combination of new features and ads which don’t sit well with me. I asked myself to compare the Facebook of today -v- the Facebook i first joined and the differences are huge. Some for the better, most for the worst *if* we’re measuring facebook as a ‘social network’.

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