taking apart a laptop

where it belongs

For the past year or so my girlfriend’s now ex-laptop has been flickering and changing colours and doing al sorts of mad, crazy stuff that laptops shouldn’t do. It was all lcd / screen related. I was just too busy with college to take it apart and pinpoint the problem, but over the past couple of weeks i’ve *tried* to fix it…

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wireless network between two PC’s

I’ve had a go once or twice at connecting two PC’s together wirelessly. It always ended in frustration. Up until now however i’ve never really used two PC’s side by side, day in day out. So i’ve never really needed a wireless network. I used my old laptop for about 3 and a half years … Read morewireless network between two PC’s

Samsung NC10 my weapon of choice

Image by momentimedia via Flickr I’ve been keeping a close eye on netbooks for the past few months now, lurking in the shadows before i swoop in on my choice. The Samsung NC10 seems to be the one to beat at the minute. They’re selling like hotcakes and Samsung can’t keep up the supply… in … Read moreSamsung NC10 my weapon of choice