Vote Obama

It’s a massive day today for the world in general… US presidential election day. Obama -v- McCain and Obama seems to have it sealed up according to all the polls and early indicators. Hopefully, this time, America will get it right and elect someone worthy of being a leader, someone who can talk without advisers … Read moreVote Obama

Best picture you’ll see all day

I stumbled upon this picture today and had to blog about it; Found it on and it’s from – direct link here. I think it sums up exactly where things are at the minute in the US election. Obama seems to be pulling further and further away from McCain and i’m delighted to … Read moreBest picture you’ll see all day

Obama > McCain

Over the past couple of days, i’ve been fascinated watching the US presidential campaign. I’m not in to politics, never mind foreign politics, but we can all learn something from the sort of mind games that go on between Obama and McCain. So McCain announced he was postponing his planned presidential campaign stuff to focus … Read moreObama > McCain