Irish Dragons Den – First Impressions

The first Irish Dragon’s Den aired tonight on RTE 1 @ 10.15pm. I’m a fan of the British version. I also spent a hell of a lot of time working on my own parody version last semester in college. In summary, i thought the ideas/businesses lacked bang and wow factor. I don’t think any of … Read moreIrish Dragons Den – First Impressions

Burlington Hotel – Epic Fail

Apparently, the Burlington Hotel is a 4 star hotel. Not in my books. I stayed there last night and it’s the worst 4 star hotel i’ve ever seen. I’ll let these pictures do the talking… The alarm clock sums it up for me. Meant to be white, but it’s yellow because it’s been there so … Read moreBurlington Hotel – Epic Fail

Why we’ll stay in a recession

Curry’s & PC World are both selling the Samsung NC10 for €399 here in Ireland. In the north, they’re selling for £320. AT today’s exchange rate, that’s works out at about €340. Now you might say, but Sean those prices are ONLINE so obviously you’ll get a discount for buying online. Not only that Sean, … Read moreWhy we’ll stay in a recession

Attack the best form of defence?

As far as i’m concerned, our recession started when our government announced 3% cutbacks across all government departments. That decision was made before the country was officially in recession and it only helped to speed up the snowball’s roll downhill. Whilst many will say it was a sensible and responsible move, i say it’s poor … Read moreAttack the best form of defence?