activity equals traffic


Greater activity on a site means more traffic, right? I’d say that’s the case for the majority of websites. More content = more traffic. New design = longer time spent on site, increased page views. As users of websites we don’t like to log on to the same site twice and see nothing new. The reason we re-visit a site is to get new information…

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digital do not disturb sign?

do not disturb

There’s nothing worse than staying in a hotel, getting in to bed, then thinking to yourself “damn, i forgot to put the do not disturb sign on the door”. Thinking that the chances of cleaners coming in before you wake up in the morning is slim, you take a calculated risk (which is heavily influenced by laziness) in not getting out of bed to put the do not disturb sign out. What happens at stupid o clock in the morning? *knock knock* “is there anyone in there?”…

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