using stats as motivation

It’s easy to look at stats and admire them, dissect them, highlight potential opportunities, perhaps some weaknesses… but i find that’s a bit too easy. For me, i view stats as another form of reward and punishment. If stats are up on last month – it’s a reward. If they’re down, it’s punishment. What goes … Read moreusing stats as motivation

blog goals for next 6 months

It’s pretty clear this blog is once again going to smash it’s own records in 2009. From Jan 1st 2009 up until yesterday, has had over 65,000 unique visits & 82,000 pageviews in 2009 (less than 6 months in). In 2008 (over 12 months) received just over 80,000 unique visits and 127,000 pageviews. … Read moreblog goals for next 6 months