Groupon – defensive or attacking move by Google?


Over the past year or so, ‘deal’ sites have been cropping up all over the place. They are the new hot property online. A good irish example is’s Basically using their existing userbase to negotiate deals with businesses for discounted products & services. If you’re an irish business and have the opportunity to be seen by 400,000 people, it’s only natural to want to get a bit of that action. So you’ll offer half price stuff or some kind of great deal to get people parting with their hard earned cash…

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Google crashing Microsoft’s party

office -v- docs

Just today in a class we were watching a video on Bill Gates & Microsoft, up until his exit in 2008. As we all know, Microsoft do windows (operating system) & office (software) very well. Google do search & everything internety very well… earlier today Google broke enemy lines and now has an add on for microsoft office which auto syncs & backs up your files to google docs…

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