How to get to the top of Google

One of the top questions I’m asked when working with any client is “How can I get to the top of Google?” or something along those lines. It’s a question I usually answer by saying “You need to produce lots of high quality, relevant content and your site needs to contain more content than competitors” … Read moreHow to get to the top of Google

will patience pay off for Google+?

Google+ is now over two years old. They can spin the numbers whatever way they like but the reality is it has so far failed to make a dent in the social space – that’s my opinion. But it’s changing slowly… getting people signed up wasn’t really an achievement – it was inevitable Google would get hundreds of millions of people signed up… all they had to do was push Google+ out and merge it with all your other Google stuff. That’s exactly what Google have done and are doing these days in an increasingly aggressive manner…

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how i see the Facebook -v- Google+ war

google+ facebook

The other day somebody asked me about Facebook -v- Google+ and what i thought about it. After the excitement and buzz around the Google+ launch i think Google have failed to dent Facebook the way they would have hoped. It’s not because they haven’t tried, it’s because Facebook have matched them stride for stride, as if to say “Is that all you got?”…

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Is there room for Google+?

google plus

Yesterday, Google revealed their new social network. ‘Plus’ or is it ‘+’, i’m not quite sure and that’s one black mark against it, the name. It doesn’t make any sense. ‘+1’ i get… that’s essentially Google’s ‘like’ button… but ‘plus’ or ‘+’ as a social network? I don’t get it…

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