New Car!

suzuki swift

Just over 4 years ago, i was getting ready to sit my leaving cert exams and i bought my first car. A 2000 renault megane hatchback. Now, that car is 10 years old and past it’s sell by date. Not the sort of car i can rely on to complete a 70 mile round trip to college every day. That said, ironically, it never let me down getting to or from college over the last 3 years…

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working to deadlines

I love deadlines. Without them, work just drags on. This post is being composed because of a deadline. I have 20 minutes to publish it, otherwise i’ve missed my own deadline. photo credit: hartboy I’m hoping to blog for 260 days consecutively… and if i don’t publish this post within the next 20 minutes, i’ll … Read moreworking to deadlines