3rd year as a Flickr Pro user

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Today i just signed up for a 3rd year as a Flickr Pro user. It’s $25 per year to get all the bells and whistles regular users just don’t get. Is it worth it? Well, if you want full control and access to your photos, then yes. But Flickr is not perfect by any means. Although they’ve made several much needed changes over the past 12 months, there’s still a lot of things they could improve upon and i’ll list them all one by one…

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I’m now a flickr pro user

For the past few days, flickr had been reminding me about how i’d uploaded almost 200 images. Once you upload more than that, you lose the ability to view and control old images (you can only view your most recent 200). Flickr Pro Membership is $25/year and removes those restrictions plus it gives you other … Read moreI’m now a flickr pro user