New Facebook Profile Preview

new facebook profile

Facebook have made some pretty radical changes over the past couple of days and have even more radical changes coming…. They’ve chopped their controversial sidebar in half and now included latest updates in the top half. They’ve also ditched their recent news / top news filters in favour of a more automated / suggestion system… but that’s only the start of it…

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how i see the Facebook -v- Google+ war

google+ facebook

The other day somebody asked me about Facebook -v- Google+ and what i thought about it. After the excitement and buzz around the Google+ launch i think Google have failed to dent Facebook the way they would have hoped. It’s not because they haven’t tried, it’s because Facebook have matched them stride for stride, as if to say “Is that all you got?”…

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post from the past


I have 215 draft posts unpublished on this blog. Some will be published in the future, most won’t. I’ve decided to publish a very old draft post though. I stumbled upon this the other day and thought it was interesting because it was from May 2008… it’s about the potential demise of facebook and i’m not sure what triggered it, but obviously i was getting pretty pissed off about some new features facebook introduced…

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Is there room for Google+?

google plus

Yesterday, Google revealed their new social network. ‘Plus’ or is it ‘+’, i’m not quite sure and that’s one black mark against it, the name. It doesn’t make any sense. ‘+1’ i get… that’s essentially Google’s ‘like’ button… but ‘plus’ or ‘+’ as a social network? I don’t get it…

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