Social Networking is Broken

social networking

I never thought i’d say it but i’m getting a little bored of social media. Average content gets over-shared, automated ‘content’ gets shared whether we like it or not and businesses are becoming predictable in their marketing efforts online… It’s a real problem for the internet as a whole. It’s losing its value as a ‘community’.

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too much impersonal content is killing facebook

Facebook 2012

This is something that’s been building up for quite some time. It’s not any one single Facebook change that has triggered me in to this ‘attack’ but it’s a combination of new features and ads which don’t sit well with me. I asked myself to compare the Facebook of today -v- the Facebook i first joined and the differences are huge. Some for the better, most for the worst *if* we’re measuring facebook as a ‘social network’.

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Are Facebook Groups Necessary?

the rules

Traditionally, a social network consisted of users and groups. A user was an a individual, a group was a collection of individuals who shared a common interests. Then Facebook happened and they introduced pages. Google+ introduced circles, Facebook retaliated with ‘lists’ and the question has to be asked now “Are Facebook groups really necessary?”…

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history, privacy & facebook


If you look at all social networks & websites today, history doesn’t appear to be very important. The odd time i’ll stumble across a news article from 1995 or something but that’s about it. Wikipedia probably does the best job of summarising history and documenting it online but even in the online age (let’s say from 1995 up until present day), we do a terrible job of organising and making history available…

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