Irish Dragons Den – 27th feb

The 2nd episode of the Irish Dragons Den aired tonight. Here’s some of the better ideas… Kate was looking for €30,000 in return for 20% of the business (website catering for hen parties). Kate presented very well and much like the pedigree cattle lads last week, came across as passionate and ambitious. I hate … Read moreIrish Dragons Den – 27th feb

Dragon’s Den Masterpiece

I’ve finally got around to uploading my Dragon’s Den video project. It’s now up on vimeo. The aspect ratio got screwed up when uploading but i’ll try fixing that at a later date. It’s 24 minutes in length. Anyway, this project took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Between learning how to … Read moreDragon’s Den Masterpiece

8 ways to generate website ideas

Having seen the success of my ‘18 random website ideas‘ post, i decided to put together another list. But not a list of ideas…. a list of how to come up with ideas…. That post has now had over 10,000 views, the majority of which have come from Google, so i know there’s plenty of … Read more8 ways to generate website ideas