New Car!

suzuki swift

Just over 4 years ago, i was getting ready to sit my leaving cert exams and i bought my first car. A 2000 renault megane hatchback. Now, that car is 10 years old and past it’s sell by date. Not the sort of car i can rely on to complete a 70 mile round trip to college every day. That said, ironically, it never let me down getting to or from college over the last 3 years…

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how to legally skip traffic queues

It took me 30 minutes exactly just to drive out of college today. IDIOT drivers blocking up yellow boxes and traffic light junctions were to blame. Normally i’m pretty patient but traffic lights had changed green 3 times and we still hadn’t moved… so i ended up driving the whole way around the town just … Read morehow to legally skip traffic queues