here’s my dissertation

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Ever wondered what a dissertation looked like? Are you a student looking for sample dissertations, something to compare yours to? Yeah that was my world 12 months ago… there ain’t much out here on the web regarding thesis / dissertations… it’s all very private and ‘brick walled’ which ironically, completely defeats the purpose of research… chances are my own dissertation would have gathered dust in an archive, if it was lucky maybe it would hit a library shelf…

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almost forgot to publish my dissertation

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Now that that the dust has settled and i’ve submitted my dissertation, gotten my results etc… the time is right to get this thing online. My dissertation is 91 pages and over 18,000 words. It’s what i spent months working on. From now on, it’s completely useless to me. It’s main purpose now will be to serve as an ornament and a souvenir from my final year in college…

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