what’s in a logo?

lovely logos

Logo design is important. When i look at a logo i’m usually in awe of it or else i just dismiss it as the kind of work only a two year old would be proud of. I’ve learned that the simpler a logo is, the more thought that has gone in to it. The level of thought required is insane. I’d say that i’ve only *really* thought about two logo designs, neither of which are online yet and are both projects under construction, but you’ll see them one day…

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open source innovation software

Ever since i first came across digg i’ve been fascinated by it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Pligg is an open source clone but at the end of the day, it’s just that – a clone. There is plenty of room for mini digg like sites, and there are several success stories, there always are with clone … Read moreopen source innovation software