where have my creative commons photos been used?

The majority of photos I upload online are uploaded to my Flickr account. I now have over 8,500 photos there and all of them have a commercial creative commons licence, meaning they can be used by pretty much anyone. Technically under that licence attribution is required but i really don’t care about attribution, i find it fascinating seeing how and where people use my images but of course it’s nice to get credit for them too…

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Is All Rights Reserved Short-sighted?

all rights reserved

The other day i was watching this insane video of Jeb Corliss (wingsuit flying pro). It was 3 and a half minutes long and during the video i found myself impressed by (a) the content itself – a dude jumping off a cliff, and gliding over mountaineous terrain at crazy speed, only a few feet from the ground (b) the music…

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where to find free music for youtube videos


Copyright. A pain in the ass for anyone that published stuff online. An evil set of laws which keep layers in business, encourage greed and prevent further innovation. It’s designed to remove risk and fear from the mind of the creator but by removing risk and fear you remove a huge chunk of what keeps us motivated to create in the first place. Of course that’s the cynical way of looking at copyright and like it or not, it’s here to stay. Music is no exception…

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