2nd best SEO in Ireland

The geansai gorm SEO competition is finally over and i’ve bagged a very respectable 2nd spot. The site hit no.2 spot yesterday, much to my amazement as it had slid down the pecking order last week. No change in things today which means i came second behind Paul Savage’s mybluejumper.com. I’m delighted with that performance. … Read more2nd best SEO in Ireland

Am I the the greatest SEO in Ireland?

Maybe 🙂 but that’s a question i’ll be able to answer shortly. I’ve just heard about an SEO competition which i’m definitely entering – i let far too many of these competitions pass me by and it’s about time i got stuck in. I have until December 1st at 3pm to rank no.1 on google.ie … Read moreAm I the the greatest SEO in Ireland?