Graduation Day #2


On November 4th, i’ll be graduating (again). One year on and it’ll be a certificate saying ‘2nd Class Honours Degree in IT Management’ or something to that effect which will render last year’s degree redundant. But with all this talk about the value of the degree and whether or not it’s all a con, what do i think now that i can reflect on 4 years in college and two degrees?…

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here’s my dissertation

education online

Ever wondered what a dissertation looked like? Are you a student looking for sample dissertations, something to compare yours to? Yeah that was my world 12 months ago… there ain’t much out here on the web regarding thesis / dissertations… it’s all very private and ‘brick walled’ which ironically, completely defeats the purpose of research… chances are my own dissertation would have gathered dust in an archive, if it was lucky maybe it would hit a library shelf…

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predicted my results to within 0.2%

college over

I got my college results today and there were no surprises.. in fact i was just 0.2% off in my prediction (which i said would be an overall average of ‘about 64%‘). I got 63.8%. That’s even more impressive than my results because i made that prediction mid way through my exams with 2 still left to sit :mrgreen:

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