Don’t knock Bitcoin until you understand it

It’s been over week since my last post about Bitcoin Mania and since then the price has risen from about $700 to a new all time high of $1200 (although it crashed down again and is now hovering at $1k). Pyramid scheme you say? Tulip Mania? The market sets the price so nothing is guaranteed, but i don’t think it’s a house of cards and i’ll counter some of the arguments being thrown around…

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Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin as a currency is an ingenious invention – perhaps the biggest & best since the internet itself. Processing & managing money online is a *massive* problem for everyone excluding banks and credit card companies. A world without banks & credit card companies would be a better place. Conspiracy theorists often talk about a new world order and how the ultimate goal is to create a single, global government along with a single global currency, but if there is such an agenda I’m pretty sure bitcoin is not part of the plan.

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