table quiz tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, i’m in a table quiz team with 4 other people from the class, up against other teams of 1st years in the college.

I won’t be happy unless we win. Anything else is failure in my eyes. It’s 4 students, one lecturer per team so between 5 of us, i’ll be disappointed if we don’t nail every question. Sport, Music, TV, Technology i’d be well up on. History/Politics/Science would be my weak areas.

I also watch ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’, ‘Egg Heads’, ‘The Weakest Link’ etc.. so my general knowledge is ok too.

It’ll be a good laugh, but i’m in it to win it 😈 There are prizes on offer – ‘good prizes’ whatever that means :mrgreen:

Hopefully i’ll return home to this blog tomorrow evening victorious 😉

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