switching from meteor to o2

A couple of years ago i switched from o2 to meteor. Now, i’m switching back to o2.

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No particular reason other than o2 seem to have slightly better coverage plus my girlfriend has moved to them, so it’s cheaper if we’re both on the same network.

I’m also signed up to o2 student broadband @ €9.99/month. Meteor don’t offer that so that’s another red mark against them. Looking at my screenshot from 2007 -v- today’s prices, it looks like meteor have also RAISED prices sneakily.

These days, each network is a bad as each other in terms of pricing. None want to reduce costs unless they have to and none can be seen to be raising costs for obvious reasons.

You register and see the ‘Free €40 credit’ taglines only to find out you need to spend €160 to get it (€20 x 8 months). Not so long ago, you’d get €40 or €50 credit no strings attached when buying a phone and registering 🙂

All of the networks have slowly moved away from that model to a ‘you pay us first, then we give you a bit back’ model. Anyway… back to o2 i go and hopefully i’ll save a bit of cash because of it – not because calls/texts are that much cheaper, but because more people i know are already on o2.

This is one example of how it pays to follow the crowd :mrgreen:

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