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64 Bit
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Back in May when i bought my XPS 420, i got 4 gigs of RAM with it, knowing full well i’d ever only be able to use 3gigs. Why could i only use 3gigs? Because a 32 bit operating system only allows you to use 4gigs minus graphics card size minus BIOS size and other bits and bobs.

So a rather stupid move by me, no? Well, i got 4 gigs because i knew i could well be switching to 64 bit in the near future. My entire system is 64 bit ready, all i need is a 64bit operating system.

In fact, when i bought my laptop over 3 years ago, i called it ‘future proof’ at the time as i’d opted for 64 bit processor when 32bit was very much the norm. 3 and a half years later, and 64 bit is now very much a reality. My laptop could still be upgraded, but i’d need more RAM, a multi-core CPU and probably a new screen so all of that is a lot of work – but it gives me an option and i like options 🙂

It shows that 4 years ago, when i started thinking about buying a laptop, i was thinking ahead and made the right decisions with regard to ‘future proofing’. Hopefully my XPS 420 is another wise move. Expensive – yes – but there’s no new technology on the horizon to get me worried for at least another few years.

64bit is the next big thing – more power, more RAM, more multi-tasking basically. WIth dual monitors, i’m obviously multitasking all the time and much like a multi-core processor, it allows me to get the same amount of work done faster.

When it comes to video editing and dealing with HD quality, you really appreciate two monitors, a quad core and as much RAM as possible – you need every bit of it and more. As i plan on producing more and more video related ‘stuff’ over the next few years, the switch to 64bit is very tempting right now.

With RAM so cheap nowadays, i could upgrade to 8gigs of RAM from 4gigs for about €150, plus boost the speed to 800mhz from my current 667mhz. That’s quite a huge improvement theoretically.

Would i notice the difference? Probably not. But when video editing, i can get up to about 3gigs of RAM in use… another 5gigs on top of that would give me peace of mind. Of course i can’t do anything until i upgrade to a 64bit operating system.

I’m toying with the idea though… more and more software is being optimized for 64 bit and given the fact all my hardware is 64 bit ready, i’m simply delaying the inevitably at present. Vista 64bit is ultra secure and generally regarded as much better than XP 64bit – in complete contrast to Vista and XP 32bit where XP is still king 😉

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  1. yeah 64 bit isn’t for everyone, especially if you need a certain software package and can’t be without it…

    but looking at the software i use, i think i’ll be ok or can find ways around things.. i still have to do more research though before i make the switch 🙂

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