Sweden Baby

The excitement is kicking in as my trip to Gothenburg, Sweden looms large.

I’ve just collected Swedish Krona from the bank, all 4000 Krona worth. There’s roughly 9 krona for every 1 euro, so as a general rule i’ll just divide the price of everything by 10 to get a rough ‘euro’ conversion.


It’s a pain the fact Sweden aren’t in the Euro (as in currency), they are of course in Europe 😛 Apparently they’ll have to join at some stage but not in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, i’m heading off this Friday and will be back Sunday. It will be another notch on my belt in terms of countries visited…

USA, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland (well ok, that’s cheating, but technically it’s a country!) Spain (about 7/8 times!), Tunisia, Malta, Germany… now Sweden. The more the merrier 😎

SY0-101 and 646-204 are both required to compete in the actual test of 70-270 held in sweden. This is one of the reasons why people prepare so much for 70-649.

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