summer of apple ahead?


This summer i plan on getting the next generation iphone. However, my betrayal of windows might not stop there… next year in my IT management degree, i’ll have the option of doing a mobile platform development module and possibly an iphone development module so that’s why i’m thinking of getting a mac mini.

When Adobe announced CS5 i thought great – they included an iphone packager in Flash which allowed you to run projects as native iphone applications. However, before CS5 was publicly released, their war with apple was taken to another level by Steve Jobs who publicly slammed them on apple’s blog and also announced changes to iphone development policies which banned the use of cross-compiler programs for application development (basically banning iphone app development on anything other than apple software). Adobe then (not surprisingly) said it would discontinue working on that apple feature. More on that war here.

So it seems the only way to learn this iphone stuff is to buy a mac and buy an iphone. Expensive solution. But the only solution. Next year i could have up to 3 modules related to this stuff which would make up 25% of my degree marks. If i end up building an app as a project, 42% of work next year could involve app development / programming / understanding mobile platforms. So it’s important stuff, not something i can brush off with an ‘i’ll learn it as i go along’ attitude.

Mobile development is a huge growth area and shows no signs of slowing down. Apple is king and it’s crown won’t be challenged any time soon so rather than throw stones from the sidelines, i may as well jump aboard and join in the apple party.

Price for a ticket (approximately)?

  • mac mini (cheapest mac) – €550
  • iphone – €600

So a cool €1k+ to start learning and producing iphone apps. Another $99 if you want to start selling them and getting them on to real iphones. Worth it? Well to me it is… it will give me a head start with college work, possibly give me an idea for a project and that means i’ll be doing something useful and productive next year in college rather than going through the motions. Can you go through the motions with a thesis or year long project? Absolutely. Auto pilot. That’s what i did this year with a 3rd year project. 9 months work. A combined 60+ pages in reports over two semesters. It’s been memory dumped already. No good, no use, a perfect example of an autopilot / going through the motions project.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ninethcloud

Longer term, this is something i had planned on getting in to anyway. I would have gotten the iphone this summer, just not the mac mini. This summer will probably be my last when it comes to having time to really experiment and learn without the pressure of balancing books in a business or sticking to timeframes. So if i can learn to love apple & app development, it will be a summer well spent.

I know enough about the iphone to know that it’s something big and something which will continue to get bigger. Anyone can see that. Right now, the iphone has no competition. It’s kicking ass and has a wide open road to play with. There is no traffic to worry about. That does two things… it means apple continuously pull away further and it means the competition continue to fall further behind.

Android may be catching up but it’s still not going to trouble the iphone OS any time soon. Android is the engine in a car, it’s not the car itself. The iphone OS is stuck to the iphone, so it’s the car… the entire package all rolled in to one… Engine, body, windows and all. It’s the finished product.

It does WHAT?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kanpeki Yume

The only way Android can really threaten apple & the iphone is if google were to announce a flagship device, made by google. That would change things drastically. For now, if you think mobile you think iphone and that isn’t going to change overnight… the iphone is too far ahead.

Rather than come up with reasons not to go apple or iphone, at this stage it’s easier to give in and admit apple have the future of mobile sown up. The forseeable future that is…

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