summer college exams 2009

Tomorrow i start the first of 6 written exams spread over 2 weeks. This time last year i was facing my first ever batch of college summer exams, now i’m looking forward to my 3rd and final year next year (in this particular course). That’s how quickly things move.

12. Discombobulation
Creative Commons License photo credit: HawkeVIPER

Although i have 6 exams, i’m only half worried about 1. Internetworking. Networking just isn’t my thing. That said, i passed it last year with ease (i’d already got 40/50%) before i sat the exam plus i’ve gotten around 15/30% this time around, so i need a just good 20% out of 70% to pass (or 29% out of 100% on the actual summer exam paper to pass the module).

Do i really know that little about networking? No… i know enough to get by. I should get above 29% and i’ll aim for around 50%. That exam is on this Friday, so i’ve plenty of time to prepare (i plan on going in to college on wednesday (even though i’ve no exams on) just to study for this networking exam).

I did fail maths last year and needed a 2nd attempt to pass but thankfully we don’t have a maths subject this semester :mrgreen: Although i’ll have to get in to exam mode for the next 2 weeks, i’ll have one eye on my websites…

I hope to launch 2 new sites by the time i finish my exams ( & a new .ie website) and that will then allow me to spend the summer working on BeerChief (although not exclusively!).

But for the next couple of weeks, there’s a job to be done and whether i like it or not, i’ll do it without question because it’s all part of the bigger picture. It’s also worth noting that i’m in much better health / physical condition than i was at Christmas yet i made it through those exams ok 😉 Being able to breath properly and take in oxygen in both lungs is something i don’t have to worry about this time around :mrgreen:

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