sucks not having a surround sound system

I said a while ago i’d taken down my 7.1 surround sound system to make room for my new desk.

I’ll be getting a new desk within the next week or so and my dell XPS PC will follow shortly afterwards. My dual 20″ monitors are already on the way 👿

I do miss my music though, perhaps it played a role in my lack of motivation last week… i never have music blaring or anything but i miss the split second of adrenaline rush you get when you hear a good song come on (I usually let media player randomly play through my 5000+ songs).

You also can’t beat a good bit of base every now and then… ipods or mp3 players just can’t replicate that.

I could just plug the all the speakers in and leave them in a corner but then you lose the surround sound element…

Ah well, not long to go until i’ll have an office to rival anyone’s 😀

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