stumbled, digged, blogged…

JPEGr yesterday, was digged, stumbled upon and blogged about, all be it on a small scale. None the less it brought in a wad of traffic from china in particular.

Over 500 unique’s yesterday from 57 different countries. Over 1500 page impressions. Alexa rank sprang 30,000 places to around the 50k mark. More progress and i’m absolutely delighted.

I’ve sourced a coder to work on the site and am now cleaning up a few things that were annoying me. Hopefully, it will improve user experience and first impressions. As i’ve upped the traffic, upped the alexa ranking and am now improving the script, JPEGr’s value will have shot up this week. I’d slap a $1200 price tag on it atm. If traffic stays at current levels, it will be worth $2k in a months time. Not bad, considering i bought it for $500 just a few days ago.

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