strike is a welcome break

On Tuesday, some of my lecturers will be on strike along with half of the country (most public sector workers). So that means i get a day off and i’ll be very glad of it. Although i had a nice break last week, it was a different type of break to the one i need.

Local 2 on 3 day strike at Westin St Francis  234
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Rhodes

Because we had no midterm break this year around halloween, work has piled up and we just haven’t had a chance to clear the backlog. So i’ll be spending Tuesday trying to get as much college work as possible done. One really annoying thing about ALL modules is that we don’t really know how well we’ve done so far.

Some modules are 100% continuous assessment, others are 50%, 40% etc… so obviously if i’ve already gotten 40% in those 100% modules, it would be nice to know as i could slam on the brakes in those modules and focus on others.

I’ve probably passed 3 modules so far (out of 6). One more i should be safe in, 2 i’d regard as not safe. So ideally i’d like to spend zero time on the 3 or 4 i’ve already passed but because i don’t have black and white results comfirming i’ve passed, i can’t risk not working in those modules and so i still have to spend time working in them – time that could be better spent on my weaker subjects.

Usually, i’d be giving out about strikes… they never ‘work’ and just increase the divide between both sides. Cuts in wages or cuts elsewhere in disguise… public sector workers will not win and cannot win if the country is to balance the books. So it’s a pointless strike as most are but one i fully support just for the day off :mrgreen:

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