Sticking to the timetable..

I’ve done much better than last week… i’ve completed the timetable for mon-fri, which involved making 10 blog posts; 1 across each of my network of blogs 😈

I have tomorrow off and then it’s 2 more posts on sunday and that’s mission complete. My aim is to have about 10-15 blog posts on each blog. I’ll then decide whether to sell them all or keep some and develop them.

It’s tough work trying to find relevant material, get videos, pull it all together and make sure it displays correctly. Most of the posts contain videos so you could say they’re not really unique content as such, but then again they’re all niche sites, so although the material may not be 100% unqiue, the way it’s pulled together (the niche) is.

And don’t forget these blogs have been designed with selling them on in mind, so i’m not trying to win awards, i’m simply trying to get them all to the stage where they all have respectable, revelant content and the niche has been established somewhat.

It’s easy to buy a domain and put up a blog, make a post and then sell it on as a niche site but it’s much better having 10+ posts on the topic as it becomes an ‘established’ site, rather than a ‘new site’.

Anyway, here’s this weeks posts: (check this out – it’s hilarious, but stupid and sad at the same time!)

I still have 2 more blogs to work on (deadmanagerwalking and hotnowyourenot), on Sunday, to complete my first full week of mass blogging :mrgreen:

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