Steve Staunton Officially Sacked

A few days ago i blogged about how Steve Staunton was sacked as Ireland manager.

At that stage, he wasn’t sacked, but i knew he was going to be so i blogged about it anyway just to get my name into google SERPS for ‘staunton sacked’ :mrgreen:

I figured i may as well do it as it had a low risk of backfiring and making me look like a complete idiot 😆

Anyway, i’m happy to announce Staunton has been officially sacked.

The fun now starts trying to get a new manager 🙄 David O Leary, Paul Jewell, Steve Bruce, Kenny Dalgleish, George Graham… they’ll be the favourites and as far as i know ‘O Leary is the bookies favourite. I’d like to see Paul Jewell in charge myself, but i’d settle for ‘O Leary.

With the FAI in charge, who knows what will happen…

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