Sterling – a nuisance


As you’ll know, i’m heading off to London tomorrow..

I’m just back from the bank having got a bit of sterling (£0.66 per €1 or £100 for €150).

The thing is i have about £150 sterling sitting in my wallet. But i can’t use it in England. Why? Because it’s Northern Irish sterling..

It’s a pain in the backside having to go in and get english only sterling.. it’s stupid.

Nothern Ireland is part of Britain, yet in effect they have a different currency (well perhaps not currency, but legal tender.)

I really can’t see the sense in it.. pride probably plays a huge role but it’s about time they introduced an all British pound that is accepted everywhere.

If one part of Britain won’t accept another part of Britaind’s pound, how the hell do people think they’ll join the euro :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Sterling – a nuisance”

  1. That is a pain in the arse. But when I have found myself in that situation I hand it over as normal and if they question it, I tell them it is Northern Irish money, which is sterling AND they do have sterling written on them too. You can also remind them that the only other money in Ireland aside from sterling is the euro!

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