staying in the marriott, ashbourne tomorrow..

Tomorrow, i’ll be staying in the Marriott Hotel, Ashbourne.


It’s a fairly new hotel and has great feedback so i decided to just book it in a spur of the moment type thing. €99 including breakfast for the two of us.

I plan on heading up to Dublin Airport also. I thought about going to Newgrange, as believe it or not, i’ve never been, but i think i might leave that ’til the summer when i know i’ll get a dry day!

The reason i’m so unproductive this week is because my girlfriend is off on a weeks holidays. It’s bitter-sweet, mostly bitter 😉

Having said that, i’ve managed to further talks on BeerChief (we’ve now agreed a final price and are beginning work) and and come up with a few site designs for one of my new sites, plus come up with a few new ideas for more sites.

Anyway, for my non-Irish readers, here’s a map of where my home is, where my college is, where Dublin is and where the hotel i’ll be staying in is 😛 For my Irish readers, sorry for insulting your intelligence :mrgreen:

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