Stay at home on Saturdays

I had to drop people off / collect them in town today 😡

Something i hate. Firstly, i have to pick a safe spot, not blocking anyone in, not holding up cars behind me, and have to allow long enough for 2 or 3 people to get out of the car and shut the doors.

Unlike most of the idiots out there, i refuse to double park whilst letting someone out or pull in on a double yellow line for a second.

So going through town on a saturday, you get people walking out in front of you, standing in the middle in the road, cars edging out on narrow streets not having a clue if there’s any traffic coming.

Then you have the dumb ass passengers saying ‘oh i’ll get out here’ – right outside where they want to shop. No you bloody well won’t. You’ll get out at a safe location which doesn’t put me under pressure or stresses out other drivers 😡

I never understand why people go into town on saturdays just browsing about, doing nothing. You can’t enjoy going around town when you can’t move or get parked… you also get ripped off big time -v -the internet.

That’s why i buy everything bar food on the internet. I don’t like sheep, i don’t like chaos, and i don’t like ‘leisure’ shopping. On Saturdays, they’re the guys that block up the towns and cities around the country.

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