Staunton Sacked*

*by everyone but the FAI.

I figured why not blog about this as it’s going to happen pretty soon.

People are going to be searching for this so why not be one step ahead and get myself top spot in google 😈

Ireland drew 1-1 with Cyprus, at home last night. We got an equaliser in the 90th minute and the players were booed off the pitch and rightly so. Disgraceful stuff.

70,000 tickets were sold, 55,000 turned up. So 15,000, myself included, didn’t even bother turning up. I was there on Saturday, and wasn’t impressed either, despite everyone praising the side 🙄

Time for the FAI to stand up and have the balls to sack this man NOW. Not after the next match, not after the next campaign.

We’re sick of waiting for Staunton to be sacked, and every game from now on we’ll, in a way, want to lose, just so this guy is forced out.

I booked my trip to wales way back a few months ago. It’s the last match of the campaign and at the minute, i’m honestly not looking forward to it, certainly not with Staunton in charge.

Staunton’s days are numbered and to be honest have been since this time last year. It’s not a case of ‘IF’ Staunton will go, it’s a case of when, as you can tell from the confident post title.

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