Spring in my step..

Since quitting work, i’ve noticed i’m much more focused and enthusiastic when i’m online blogging or working on sites.

A perfect example was this morning… my girlfriend stayed over last night – now you see why i haven’t blogged from about 8pm until now 😉

Anyway, she had work at 10am so we had to get up at 9am. Normally, i’d be lifeless, wanting to stay on in bed, dreading the thought of getting up.. because i was so used to getting up to go to work. It was a chore.

My girlfriend was like that this morning.. just hating getting up, because she knew she had to. I, on the otherhand was quite happy to get up. I didn’t really care.. i knew i’d drop her off at work and then come back and flick on the laptop 😛 And once you love your work – which i do now.. you really don’t see it as a ‘chore’.

So not only am i more ‘happy’ with my life now, i’m also much more energetic and productive. For example, i’ve made about 5 posts a day for the last few days.. if i continue like this, i’ll have more backlinks, more pages in Google, more readers, more chances of people checking out my affiliate links… it has a knock on effect.

So for all you guys out there slogging away over your paperwork and in your suits, i feel for you. But if for one second, you think you can make it on-line, GO FOR IT :mrgreen:

Fortune favours the brave…

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