Speed – or lack of it..

I’m noticing my blog slowing way down these days.. the past few days have been particularly poor 😥

I know one or two of you guys also notice it. I’ve had a quick check through the logs and stats and i’m still none the wiser, but i’ll de-activate all the plugins one by one and see if that makes a difference.. i’ll also go hunting for tips or tricks to slim things down..

It could be my problem, or it could be a server problem, so i’ll contact Dreamhost if i can’t get things right. At the minute, it’s taking me about 30 seconds to load the homepage.. anything more than 10 is too much imo…

8 thoughts on “Speed – or lack of it..”

  1. For what it’s worth …. I’ve always had trouble loading your site. It takes eons for it to open …. I just click on it …. move on to something else and come back to it.

    Even waiting for this page to open up to post a comment was as slow as usual. I don’t reckon it will be your plugins …..

  2. You can test to see if it’s your host.

    Upload a 2mb file and then download it and check the speed out. Obviously, there’s more to it than that but I think it may be a Dreamhost problem – you’ve hardly gone overboard on the plugins!

  3. thanks for the feedback guys..

    i’m reluctant to move from dreamhost as i’ve got used to their system..

    at the minute i’m cleaning up the database and have got it down to about 2.6mb, it was about 8mb.

    that’s mainly down to old plugins i’ve disabled.. i’m still working on it 😆

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