spam…rubbish…more spam…

i know spam and rubbish links/sites have always been around but it’s just getting ridiculous..

for example, on (a job site), I’d say about half of the jobs listed there are spam, affiliate links, scams etc.. Stuff like ‘eartn $3000 a week part-time and rubbish like that.

looking at my main gmail account, i get about 5 spam emails a day in my dedicated spam section. Never used to get many.

on ebay, if you type in ‘adsense’ or ‘money’ you’ll be swamped with a load of rubbish; ‘earn $50,000 in 10 days’ , ‘say goodbye to your boss forever’ etc…

then of course there is the nigerian con artists who’ve inherited $3billion and they’ve chosen YOU to give it to. All you have to do is pay them €100 and they will then send you the $3billion 🙂

it’s a pity there’s so much rubbish out there. It clogs up google, ebay etc.. even youtube is beginning to become a bit spammy with dodgy videos promoting crap.

things will only get worse as the internet becomes bigger.. people get richer… get more greedy.. start hiring people to create rubbish sites…. it’s a big business – spam. Relatively easy to make money out of. You need to be on the ball, constantly creating and automating as much as possible. But it’s not a stable income… you’re far better making one good legal site, focusing on developing it and the results will eventually follow.

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