Spammers – go away and die

I’ve been pretty lucky with spam on this blog, haven’t had much…

The odd comment or two has slipped through askimet’s hands and then i’ve had one or two of my mates sending me abuse through my email form 😉

But apart from that, things have been hassle free.

In October, i said askimet had caught 2,835 spam comments. Well, 2 months later that figure has almost quadroupled to 10,000. 👿

You guys may have noticed it, but there are more and more spam comments getting through to posts and i’m finding myself having to manually delete them which is a pain in the backside.

It’s manageable at the minute, but if things keep getting worse, i’ll be slamming the fist down and auto banning any comment with links in it 😡

2 thoughts on “Spammers – go away and die”

  1. Yes, things seem to be getting worse… I tell you what though, add some dirt-simple “Turing” test to the email entry form (sure there are some plugins around) – like “What colour is the colour red?” (don’t bother with “captcha’s”, they are a pain in the…) and watch the spam reduce before your eyes. Most of the spam IS still from bots and they can’t handle such complex obstacles!

    What I don’t get is why half of the spam seems to be aimless – the links don’t lead anywhere, or lead to some seemingly innocuous and unrelated site and the anchor text is gibberish. What’s the point?!

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