Someone reversed into me today..

We’ve workmen here at the house, and when i arrived home from town there were 3 cars parked outside 🙄 We don’t have much room so i had to squeez in, or else block someone in. The car at the top of the diagram is my sisters who can’t drive, so i deliberately blocked it in, thinking i was doing everyone a favour rather than blocking them in. I chose to squeez in, knowing i’d be going out in 10mins anyway and also, assuming the other cars would actually LOOK when reversing out :mrgreen:

here’s a diagram of where i was and where other cars were..


So basically workman 2 just reversed straight into me without looking. Had he moved forward a little and then turned whilst reversing he could have made it out fine. Apparently, he ‘didn’t see me’ as his van is ‘high up’ 🙄 Yeah, that makes everything ok then 😎 I was also in the house a good 2/3 minutes so it’s not like i’d just arrived and pulled up behind him either.. I know vans have no back window, so he couldn’t have seen me had i just pulled in whilst he was starting to reverse, but that wasn’t the case. I don’t buy the whole excuse that the van was ‘too high up’ to see my car. I bet he never checked his left mirror and just assumed the coast was clear…

Anyway, thankfully, my car is ok.. his bumper took most of the impact and is cracked and hanging off 😆 There’s a very small dent on my car and a bit of dust, but nothing worth arguing over so we left it. Up until now, my 7 year old car had remained scratch and dent free 😥

Here”s the damage, you can’t even see it in the picture, you’d only notice it if you were really looking for it, unlike the workman’s van, who’s bumper is cracked and hanging loosely.


ah, the joys of having nothing to do only examine in fine detail a little scratch on my car :mrgreen:

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