some things never change…

A few days ago i blogged about how i never call any companies as it angers me, costs me money and i don’t get anywhere at the end of it all.

Today, i was getting pretty pissed off to say the least about meteor not contacting me about a phone i ordered 2 weeks ago today. So i rang them – yes, i know, very unlike me, but 2 weeks and no sign of my order is unacceptable.

So i go through the automated ‘press 1, 2, 3’ crap and to my surprise i got straight through to someone after that.

So i explain the situation, or start to – but i’m interupted by the girl asking me for my name and number…

So off i go again and am put on hold 3 times in the space of about 5 minutes listening to U2’s album 🙄 I was prepared for it all though, so i remained quite calm and polite 😎

“I’m afraid i’m going to have to give you a number here for ‘sigma ireland’, they look after our online orders” 😡 At this stage i was getting a little angry.. why spend 10 minutes talking to me, putting me on hold if you know you had to forward me on to some other company anyway??

I didn’t say that, but i was thinking it. Reluctantly i said i’d ring them.

So off i go ringing Sigma Ireland, looking for a particular person, let’s call her ‘x’. So someone answers and before they have time to do the whole introduction’welcome’, can i take your name and all that craic, i say loudly ‘ can i speak to ‘x’ please?’.

That did the job, i’m put through instantly – great. I then find out ‘x”s phone is ringing out and going on to answering machine 😡 Feck that i said to myself, i’m not leaving messages and have them ringing me back at all hours. So i’ll now email sigma ireland and see if i get a response within a couple of days. If i don’t, they’re in for it 😈

So about 15 minutes of my time wasted, getting a little worked up and ending up back to square one 🙄

4 thoughts on “some things never change…”

  1. Whoah man, don’t be getting worked up over something like this. Phone is always the best way to get something like this sorted. emails are a waste of time. What the hell, 5 or 10 minutes on the phone is no big deal even if you do have to go through a few hoops. the people on the other end of the line are doing their best so your approach should be softly softly rather go in like the Bull O’Donoghue and piss them off.

  2. Very few companies I’ve dealt with in Ireland actually give a flying fuck about e-mails. And when they do they normally reply after 3-4 days of e-mailing them, which is normally useless.

    Ringing them is the way to go. Why they do that is beyond my understanding, e-mailed issues are easier to route to the person who can help, cheaper in any respect too. Yet they ignore them.

    What they did to you over the phone that pisses you off so much is what they do all the time over e-mail.

  3. yeah agree alfonso.. you need to raise your voice to be heard otherwise you’ll be taken for a ride..

    anyway, the phone is on it’s way now thanks to a bit of persistence..

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